House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin, 47% abv

House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin, 47% abv

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Launched globally in the April of 2018, House of Botanicals Classic Old Tom Gin is the first foray into the world of botanical spirits for the Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s brand, with a product we’ve long had an association to because of our adoration for the Martinez cocktail.

As long-term exponents of collaboration, and with Old Tom’s inherent and historic links to London, we partnered with Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, Wm Cadenhead’s to source a gin produced there; with a distillation of juniper berries, angelica root, orris root, coriander seed, cassia bark, almond, orange peel and lemon peel creating a truly outstanding dry gin – Old Raj Blue Label – in its own right.

This gin is then shipped to our dedicated production facility The House of Botanicals in Aberdeen and, again as a nod to early Old Tom bottles, macerated with delicate saffron and chamomile flowers, both of which originate from Morocco, the country I was married in 2017. To finish, and create the Old Tom style that was named for Thomas Chamberlain, it is sweetened with a hint of muscovado sugar, around 25g per litre, and bottled at 47% abv in respect of analysis performed on Chamberlain’s Old Tom in the 1800s.

The Coat of Arms branding is in homage to the Aberdeen and London City Coats of Arms, with the Black Panther additionally a reference to hip-hop which we listen to most days at the House of Botanicals, and obviously a doff of the cap to early Old Tom branding which would feature a Black Cat.

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